I want to thank you for all that you shared and let you know that you are not alone when it comes to Ancestral DNA work. Genetically, with me being African American and my beloved being Polish we both had quite a bit to move within our ancestral tree. In fact it is the main reason why I was drawn the Regenetics work which addresses the DNA meta genetically, instead of genetics and epi genetically and then later deciding to become a facilitator of the work. It was my soul contract to help us both navigate and transcend those limitations within our DNA and maybe one of the reasons she loves me so much if I were to be very honest. lol! She sometimes jokingly calls me her health care provider. lol! I commend you on your journey and your mission, may you continue to move forward holistically, spiritually, emotionally and physically with grace ease. We support you and are here for you dear friend. And we appreciate your decision to be here doing this amazing time on earth. Many blessings!

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