I am not sure how it may look on your side but I got a notification that you got 3 new subscribers from GAB base on my share of this article. I wanted you to know. Also, I love your divine timing as I have been going down an ancestral love/connection lately. I have a track that I like to listen to for this and a mediation. I love quite a bit in this article. I love the symbol break down and the image you chose. Purple is my favorite color. I also love the distinction you made between the 3rd eye and 3rd eye chakra information. We actually have about 8 to 10 pine cones in our house that my beloved found while foraging for mushrooms last year. I love the energy they bring in our space. I love your affirmation list. I plan on using them in my rituals to enhance my experiences. Sis, I thank you for you just being you. I thank you for your efforts, your diligence, your love, your compassion, your passions, your wisdom, your experiences and your vision. You are such a gift to us all. Much Gratitude to you and yours!

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