Oct 14, 2022Liked by Julie Pershin

Thank you Julie, you are helping me find my way back to the path when my spirit goes wandering. Helping me remember what I forget in the bustle of life. I have only watched half the video, but look forward to watching the rest at another time. I have always had a rough time with the idea of having one teacher or one path to perceive by, its just not my way. But I try to learn from everyone and every experience and every way of being. What you said about license plates made me laugh. I often get reminders from license plates, bulletin boards, you name it. Messages come in many ways. Thanks for being you and having this substack. Sending you appreciation and love.

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Thank you for your continued enthusiasm. Yes, we are ultimately our own teachers. I choose guides as needed until I outgrow them. So happy you enjoyed the video and I hope you enjoy the rest when you return. 😊

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