I’m Julie Pershin. I am a maverick and I like to break molds of all sorts. I have lived a very unconventional life which has led me all over the world as well as deeply inward. I am convinced that Earth is a school for the evolution of souls. My interests are vast and I have learned a lot in my 55 years. My desire is to share what I have learned (and what I continue to discover) with my audience. As a perpetual student of life, I desire to learn from you also. You can get to know me more through my website, blog, and podcast. This platform aspires to introduce you to things you may not have thought of before and lead you to deeper meanings of the things you already know. It also offers a mix of ancient wisdom and new vision. If esoterica, heart and mind expansion rouse your curiosity, if nature turns you on, if creativity is part of who you are, if grounding spiritual experiences into your body and everyday life is of interest to you, then you will be glad you found CREATORS OF NEW EARTH ( CONE) My heart is happy that you are reading Creators of New Earth and I look forward to the opportunity to connect and grow together over the years. May CONE expand our network of the human family, so that together we may contribute to the co-creation of New Earth.

With Gratitude,

Julie Pershin

Julie Pershin - Creators of New Earth

What is Creators of New Earth?

Creators of New Earth is a platform for people who are either curious about or already aware of the global awakening currently in process. It explores the interconnections between spirituality, creativity, and the deep connection to Earth, Self and one another. We discuss how all of these things can be consciously interwoven in a way that is symbiotic and mutually beneficial for the planet and humanity. Creators of New Earth’s mission is to breathe inspiration into the reader and lead them to a deeper connection with humanity, Earth, their body, and life itself.

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Connecting to your heart, eachother and nature.


Julie Pershin

There is a great awakening happening in humanity at this time. Simulteneously Mother Earth is evolving. Here you can connect with like minds and together we can co - create a New Earth.